Fortnite Battle Royale: Ένα νέο sniper rifle φέρνει το τελευταίο update 

Αλλαγές στο οπλοστάσιο του παιχνιδιού

Fortnite Battle Royale: Ένα νέο sniper rifle φέρνει το τελευταίο update

Κατά τη διάρκεια των εορτών, η Epic Games εστίασε σε μικρότερης κλίμακας ενημερώσεις περιεχόμενου για το Fortnite Battle Royale. Στο ίδιο κλίμα κυκλοφόρησε τώρα και το τρίτο update της 7.10 έκδοσης του παιχνιδιού. Η νέα αυτή ενημέρωση προσθέτει ένα νέο sniper rifle, το οποίο έχει σιγαστήρα για να μην προδίδει τη θέση σας στους εχθρούς.

Παράλληλα, οι αλλαγές στο οπλοστάσιο δεν σταματούν εκεί. Η Epic Games αφαίρεσε όλες τις εκδόσεις του burst rifle, συμπεριλαμβανομένου και του six shooter, ενώ από το παιχνίδι αφαιρέθηκαν και τα dual pistols. Τέλος, αρκετές αλλαγές έγιναν και στο όχημα X-4 Stormwing.

Παρακάτω θα βρείτε αναλυτικά τη λίστα με όλες τις αλλαγές του πιο πρόσφατου patch για το Battle Royale κομμάτι του παιχνιδιού.

Suppressed Sniper Rifle
Trade power for stealth with the Suppressed Sniper Rifle. Drop in now and sneak up on your enemies!


The Block
Drop to The Block and explore the newest community creation! Bounce around in the DM Arena made by KojackNumber2.


Limited Time Modes

14 Days of Fortnite has been extended for a limited time! For the next week, drop in and complete any Challenges you may have missed out on to earn in-game rewards.

We'll also be featuring some of the most popular Limited Time Modes that have been available over the past two weeks. Log in each day to find out which modes are available to explore.

Weapons + Items

  • Suppressed Sniper Rifle added.
    • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
    • Can be found from chests, floor loot, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops.
    • A single shot, scoped sniper rifle.
    • The suppressor makes for a quieter shot, trading stealth for power.
      • Deals 100/105 base damage
  • Six Shooter has been vaulted.
  • The following variants of the Burst Assault Rifle have been vaulted:
    • Uncommon, Common, Rare
  • Dual Pistols have been unvaulted.
  • Dynamite drop rate reduced by 40%.
  • Boom Box adjustments:
    • Drop rate reduced by 33%.
    • Health reduced from 600 to 400.
    • Duration reduced from 25 seconds to 18 seconds.



  • X-4 Stormwing adjustments:
    • The knockback a player receives after being hit by a Stormwing has been decreased by 70%.
    • Damage done to the Stormwing from colliding with structures has been increased by 50%.
      • Impact damage reduction while boosting through structures reduced from 50% to 25%
    • Increased the spread of the Stormwing machine gun by 75%.
    • Stormwing spawn chance has been decreased to 80% from 100%.
  • Supply Drop health has been reduced to 250/500/750 (Solo/Duo/Squad).

Bug Fixes

  • The X-4 Stormwing is no longer able to fly above the max build limit.

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