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"The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy", BBC 1981 4 years 1 month ago #1

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Ένας από τους πλέον αγαπημένους μου συγγραφείς είναι ο τιτανοτεράστιος Douglas Adams, και το πιο γνωστό έργο του είναι το "Γυρίστε τον Γαλαξία με οτοστόπ". Το 1981 το BBC το πρόβαλε σε μία μίνι σειρά έξι επεισοδίων, και επειδή πραγματικά αξίζει να τη δει κανείς σκέφτηκα να φτιάξω το τόπικ και να τα βάλω εδώ να τα έχουμε. Enjoy... :)

Peter Jones as The Book
Simon Jones as Arthur Dent
David Dixon as Ford Prefect
Sandra Dickinson as Trillian
Mark Wing-Davey as Zaphod Beeblebrox
Stephen Moore as Marvin

Επεισόδιο 1ο:
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Επεισόδιο 2ο:
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Επεισόδιο 3ο:
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Επεισόδιο 4ο:
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Επεισόδιο 5ο:
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Επεισόδιο 6ο:
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Έχει πολύ ενδιαφέρον το πώς εμπνεύστηκε αυτό το αριστούργημα. Όπως λέει ο ίδιος στην εισαγωγή του πρώτου βιβλίου:...

«The idea for the title first cropped up while I was lying drunk in a field in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1971. Not particularly drunk, just the sort of drunk you get when you have a couple of stiff Gossers after not having eaten for two days straight, on account of being a penniless hitch hiker. We are talking of a mild inability to stand up.

»I was travelling with a copy of the "Hitch hiker's guide to Europe" by Ken Walsh, a very battered copy that I hade borrowed from someone. In fact, since this was 1971 and I still have the book, it must count as stolen by now. I don't have a copy of "Europe on five dollars a day" (as it was then) because I wasn't in that financial league.

»Night was beginning to fall on my field as it spun lazily underneath me. I was wandering where I could go that was cheaper than Innsbruck, revolved less and didn't do the sort of things to me that Innsbruck had done to me that afternoon.

»What was happened was this. I had been walking through the town trying to find a particular address, and being thoroughly lost I stopped to ask for directions from a man in thw street. I new that thiw mightn't be easy because I don't speak German, but I was surprised to discover just how much difficulty I was having communicating with thiw particular man. Gradually the truth dawned on me as we struggled in vain to understand each other that of all the people in Innsbruck I could have stopped to ask, the one I had did not speak English, did not speak French, and was also deaf and dumb. With a series of sincerely apologetic hand movements, I disentangled myself, and a few minutes later, on another street, I stopped and asked another man who also turned out to be deaf and dumb, which was when I bought the beers.

»I ventured back on the street. I tried again. When the third man I spoke to turned out to be deaf and dumb and also blind Ι began to feel a terrible weight settling on my shoulders, wherever I looked the trees and buildings took on dark and menacing aspects. I pulled my coat tightly around me and hurried lurching down the street, whipped by a sudden gusting wind. I bumped into someone and stammered an apology, but he was deaf and dumb and unable to understand me. The sky loured. The pavement seemed to tip and spin. If I hadn't happened then to duck down a side street and pass a hotel where a convention for the deaf and dumb was being held, there is every chance that my mind would have cracked completely and I would have spend the rest of my live writing the sort of books which Kafka became famous for and dribbling.

»As it is I went to lie in a field, along with my "Hitch hiker's guide to Europe", and when the stars came out it occured to me that if only someone would write a "Hitch hiker's guide to the Galaxy" as well, then I for one would be off like a shot. Having had this thought I promptly fell asleep and forgot about it for six years...»
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